A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE:  Please use Arrow keys to move player instead of WSAD for now.

Hedron is fun puzzle game in mazes  hunting for hidden knowledge.

There was once a sage who was the master of knowledge.

When his time has come to an end he left behind all of his knowledge in a place filled with hurdles as its very valuable.

Many have tried but no one was victorious. Hedron's father passes this quest as he believes that Hedron carry their lineage and is righteous in all edges. 

You have to find the key and exit each and every maze collect treasures and avoid obstacles.

- Use Arrow keys to move (NOTE: in the current build WSAD is not working unble to update it please use arrow keys until voting is done.) 

-Collect Key to unlock the exit

-Try to collect all the stars

Install instructions

NOTE: Please use Arrow keys to move player instead of WSAD for now.


Hedron_FinalBuild_v1.0.rar 16 MB
Hedron_FinalBuild_v1.1.rar 20 MB


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Hey I played every game made for the BYOG19 game jam, that had a windows build. Your game is one of them! Check it out!

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Thank you very much for playing hedron and reviewing it!

you are like a puzzle genious lol. Make a full scale puzzle game and I would buy it :P

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haha thank you, I'm actually thinking to develop this game further with full potential😀

Very good game, loved the challenges after few levels